Jose Rojas

Bill Hayden

Bjarne Melgraad

Colleen Rochette

Heji Shin

Nicole Eisenman

Amy Granat

Leigha Mason




Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. 218 N 7th Street, Williamsburg, 8pm


Marie’s boudoir, the site for M/L’s next show, is familiar to many. Not only to friends of M and L, but to the foreigners and young professionals who have paid for its services, via With a good-looking profile & a few positive reviews, this bit of prime real estate becomes an instant source of revenue. These days, with these coordinates, it’s so easy to make something into something. So why not be easy back? The same goes for art spaces. Here, M/L shows the bedroom as we now know it: both intimate and infiltrated. And suggests we relax.


Slip off your cold-season agoraphobia and into something more comfortable, thaw out your social skills in good company. Come lay ur sculpture next to mine.


Rock the boat, change positions, celebrate M/L’s third one-night stand (plus a couple of art fair flings). Please remember, this is not an apartment gallery. This show is in the bedroom. A red light special.


– Annie Ochmanek





The artists include: Heji Shin, Amy Granat, Bjarne Melgaard, Mathieu Malouf, Lena Henke, Marie Karlberg

Colleen Rochette, Raul De Nieves

Leigha Mason, Jose Rojas, Bill Hayden and Nicole Eisenman





Mathieu Malouf

Raul de Nieves

Raul de Nieves

Marie Karlberg and Lena Henke